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The Magic of Perseverance 

Over the past 15 years, Reed has perfected his ability to read minds, predict the future, and create jaw dropping miracles with a deck of cards. But magic isn't the only thing Reed knows how to do well, he's an expert when it comes to not giving up. After being denied from military flight school for a childhood heart condition, Reed fought his way back into the United States Air Force and was selected to be a Fighter Pilot in the Washington DC Air National Guard. 

Allow Reed to come into your school, company, or university and talk about the importance of persevering in the face of defeat. More often than not we find ourselves giving up on our dreams because things become hard. Let Reed teach you his approach to difficult roadblocks and get you back in the drivers seat to success.

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Making a difference in the world begins with YOU! It's not enough to simply mark the check boxes and move on. When you lead with heart you're not only impacting those within your school or company, you're impacting those on the outside. Each and every day you make a conscious effort to focus on the heart of the people you work alongside, you're sure to walk away with a win every single day.

Millennials are the largest generation to date and with baby boomers retiring at an alarming rate, there will be new leadership across the world. With new leadership comes the SHIFT of ideas, motives, and core values. How a company, school, or organization approaches this SHIFT will determine its vulnerability and longevity. LeaderSHIFT is the new Leadership and the SHIFT starts with you. Make SHIFT happen!